Bacterial Meningitis

Hello. I had bacterial meningitis in February 2017. In intensive care for 2 weeks and then another week on a general ward. Apparently I made a 'dramatic' recovery (according to my notes). I am 66 and generally an active fit person. I did really well just pretending/assuming - not sure which - that all was well. I went back to running our B & B, riding my horse, looking after my grandchildren etc. and to be honest felt a bit smug. Then a couple of months ago I started getting really bad headaches most of the time. I have a thrumming in my ear and a throbbing pulse in my opposite temple. I am dizzy, forget things, and drop things: it makes me very irritable and a bit miserable. My doctor isn't interested in anything other than prescribing ever increasingly strong pain killers. I can't work out from anything I've read whether this is permanent or temporary and if the latter how long will it go on for? I've just started some acupuncture and some of my friends say I should pay for a brain scan. Does anyone have any advice, please?

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  • I had meningitis three weeks ago and I am experiencing all these symptoms, especially the pulse in my head, I feel like my head is pulsating. I'm very forgetful, have constant headaches and I am extremely dizzy. I would definitely go back to your doctor for them to check you over. Meningitis can cause ME and all other auto immune diseases. I have found this charity to be so helpful. Maybe you should ring the helpline and speak to someone I find that they know more than our doctors and GP's. Hope this helps and I hope you feel better soon.


  • Hi, I had bacterial in 2012, was in intensive care for 2weeks and a week on a ward just like you, I went back to work 3months after but after just 2 hours of working was totally exhausted, thinking back I'm sure it was too early i slept for nearly the rest of the day, you do need to rest. It will take a long time to get over what we had, take care of yourself and listen to what your body tells you.

  • Thanks so much for this helpful, positive reply, Katie. You have made me feel I should go back and nag my doctor, again!

  • Definitely go back. It is your health at the end of the day. I was sent home "with the flu" was told I had migraines, chronic sinusitis, the nurses were trying to tell me I had a migraine. I knew something wasn't right and kept insisting they check my head. You know your own body. Even if everything is okay there is no harm in getting yourself checked out. Let us know how you get on x

  • Thanks for all the lovely replies. It makes me feel so much better just knowing there are other people in the same boat as me. I'll keep in touch!

  • Ask your doctor for a mri

  • My Bacterial Meningitis was diagnosed 1year ago but I have had several issues dev. over time. I’m 61. I experience the same symptoms that you describe & suffer from headaches. The past 6 months they are worse. Balance, sometimes hearing loss in one ear, and 1month ago vision problems with inflammation. I was referred to a neuro-Ophthamologist today. I had a brain scan in August with no noticeable problems. Today the new dr on my team (of many doctors) ordered a MRI of the brain/eyes. The tests he performed showed issues with my optic nerve. No one told me that this illness could continue giving us complications after leaving the hospital. I would strongly recommend you have a CATScan or even better a MRI to detect any present or maybe future problems. I am taking several vitamin supplements & medications for brain health prescribed by my Infectious Disease doctor & regular neurologist as preventive measures. Good luck, my friend. This is not an easy journey but one that we can make and find a successful treatment to feel better. I always tell myself, “Attirude is everything.”

  • Oh goodness! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write. I so appreciated hearing that there is someone out there who has shared my concerns - and like you I think that having a positive attitude (and being loved) are what carry us through this wretched illness. My doctor won't send me for an MRI scan - our national health is not in good financial shape - but I need the reassurance a scan will bring that I am protecting myself or perhaps pre empting possible future problems. Thanks again. Heather

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