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Does anyone get scared that it could return?

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I’m post VM a year now cannot believe how fast this year has gone and to think this time last year I was still in hospital for 10 days! Worse experience of my life but I remember each day as if it was yesterday but yet can’t seem to remember things I did yesterday or a week ago I’m guessing this is a side effect of it?

Anyway I’m currently getting a few symptoms at the minute as have a bad cold and that’s how it started in the first place 😞 currently have pressure in the back of my head, my neck is very stiff and I’ve had a migraine today which I don’t usually suffer with 😢 I’m just terrified it’s returning and no one seems to understand or even care that I feel like this! I just feel like I’m on my own suffering with it 😞

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yes because ive had it 3 x so anytime I have a headache I wonder if its going to take that big step. but once you've had it ,there is no mistaking it if it returns

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Rodman21 in reply to bobdd

More than once is called Mollarets. Go see infectious Disease, they can help you.

Sounds like a relapse. A lot of people have them. Hope you get checkef out. Feel better soon.

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Jess2032 in reply to RHB2016

Oh no hope it isn’t don’t really want to get it again 😞 thanks for your reply though! Xx

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