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Husband affected with VM, now at home


Good morning! My husband was affected with VM, now he is at home trying to recover. He said to me his brain feels cloudy! I guess that means he has some confusion. He has been telling me things not pertaining to the conversation we are having, should I be worried?

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Hi Mariss, The cloudy brain feeling is probably what others around here call brain fog. I’m 3months VM now and still have it, gets much worse when overdoing. For me the feeling is like the brain is empty, connectins don’t work propperly but at the same time you’re constantly thinking. Information comes in but it’s hard to retain or process. It’s quite difficult to explain... and maybe different for each person.

Regarding the confusion during conversations, I think it’s worth getting a follow up with a neurologist.

Hope it’s nothing serious and he improves soon. And please be patient, it’s hard for both sides

Mariss in reply to CharlyM

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. Yes, I’m hopeful that things will get back to normal soon.

EimsD in reply to CharlyM


Take heart! I still struggle for the right words 7 months on. It sounds Normal. It will improve. Gently make him aware of it. Good luck!

😞He had a sharp pain today on the right side of his head. He just sat there and held his head, he squeezed my hand and looked like he was about to cry. Then it went away and laid back down the rest of the evening.

Is this the norm after VM??

forbessr in reply to Mariss

Marisa....tell him it will get better..I went through the same thing..I had severe stabbing pains in my head and the doctors thought I was going mental..VM is a terrible experience that only gets better with time..I am 11 months on now and the head pains are finally gone completely...I could not sleep on my right side for many months due to the pain I felt...I went for accupunture to relief some of the pain but then realized after about 8 visits that I RT was relieving some of the pain for a very short time...the main thing is not to harm yourself when you go through this..I have a very blessed life and yet I had severe internal pains that almost I felt killed me..your husband will get better! You have to know that this is like being in a car crash and your head has been in the will get better...I walked around with ice packs on the back of my head for 2.5 months and popped many tynenol and slowly got have to drink calm teas, stay away from caffeine eat well and sleep as much as you can so your brain can heal itself..the joint pain will come as well so don’t lift anything...walk as much as you can and drink plenty of water..hope this helps

Mariss in reply to forbessr

Thank you for sharing! I will read this to him and continue to make him aware of the VM and what others have experienced. Thank you 🙏 and I pray you continue to heal. ☺️

I still have brain fog as well! I'm 1month post VM. Exhaustion, dry mouth, occasional headaches.

Life does get better! Rest and eat well and drink plenty of water...the first months are the whatever you can to understand that you need rest..

Make sure you are taking magnesium and zinc and b12 supplements

Hello all! I am happy to report my husband is back to feeling normal and back to his regular activities without any resting or slowing down. He feels great and has lots of energy! He is taking a multi-vitamin daily and is watching his diet. Thank you everyone for your kind words and sharing. I will continue to pray for everyone on this site as I have been. Praying for complete healing in everyone’s body. Blessings to you all.

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