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I'm Val. I lost my hearing due to meningitis a few years ago. I was going through the process for a cochlear implant but I didn't qualify. I got the news on Friday and have been quit upset. I'm starting to have nightmares and full blown panic attacks now.

I am fighting for acceptance. Yesterday, I met with a private tutor. I am starting to learn sign language as a tool to help me communicate. Learning a new language after being sick is hard for me.

I feel like I am more forgetful now and it's harder for me to focus. I feel myself drifting a lot when I should be paying attention. Do any of you guys feel like this?


4 Replies
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Hi Val! I sent you a PM. Good luck.

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Hi Val, you are not alone. It is very frustrating and I too am now starting British sign language. Acceptance isn’t easy but necessary to move on from this brutal unforgiving illness. I wish you well. Make your own luck!

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Hi Val, I was in hospital with bacterial meningitis a year ago. I lost total hearing in my left ear, but fortunately have partial hearing in my right. I cannot imagine loosing total hearing and I wish you well. Keep pushing for those implants, at the end of the day we are 'customers' of the NHS and I believe like a lot of things today, if you go away that's fine by them, keep pushing. Stay positive, learn the sign language. I hope you get the implants and if you have learnt to sign its an added skill. I still have problems remembering and focusing, but it will get better. Good luck Sue D

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Valorrian in reply to DJSusie

I don't qualify because I had meningitis and it messed up my ears. I have lots of ossification, and degeneration of the nerves. Do you wear hearing aids? or are you getting a cochlear implant?

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