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Hi my name is Sophie and my daughter was diagnosed with a rare strain of Meningococcal Septicaemia when she was 10 months old. Thank god she pulled though and she’s now a happy 5 year old!However we have now been told that the septicaemia has caused lack of bone growth in her legs and she will need ongoing treatment to lengthen the bones in her leg. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this they would like to share please?Im very scared and I feel very alone thank you so much

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My son had bacterial meningitis at 3 weeks old. We have been told he is on the 5th centile for length, and if he continues he will be less than five feet as an adult. No one has suggested a solution to this. It’s just stunted growth. I’m interested that your daughter has been offered treatment. We have had discussions about bone density scans etc, but no one seems particularly concerned!! Hope your ok! Such a scary time ❤️ You never truly move on do you xxx

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