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17 years post first meningitis case


17 years ago I developed viral meningitis..2014 I got shingles and 2015 chemical meningitis..fianlly after all these years of trying to find out why I was so sick I found a new neurologist and found this group..i have chronic fatigue, nerve damage, spinal damage, damage to both my ears, optic neuropathy, numbness pins and needles, major body aches, bad spasms,joint pain, neurological damage andother things.. finally in 2014 I started seeing a neurologist for white matter spots on my brain..i had several spinal taps, 100's of vials of blood taken to no evail..moved to another state and found a new doctor..so between all my illnesses meningitis and shingles iam left a mess.. so because my damage was done so long ago there is nothing to cure it.. I use cbd pills and medical marijuana for the last 2 years..it is a God send.. now I can get out of bed and do somethings..but still have to budget my energy..it truly sucks but iam going to live my life to the best I can..thanks for reading

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Wow, you have had a rough go of it. I'm glad you found something that allows you to at least get out of bed. Maybe bit by bit your strength will return. Thanks for joining and best of luck.

Dannidee76 in reply to Amrita-A

Thank you..i finally excepted this as my life and not worry about little things in life now..going to enjoy as much as I can

Youve had a hard time; hopefully turned a corner and budgeting your energy to your advantage.

My goodness you have had it rough. Finding a doctor that understands some of the after effects is key. You are a lot stronger than you realize to have made it through all this. Please keep all of us updated on your progress.

Dannidee76 in reply to RHB2016

Thanks for the encouraging words..atleast no more poking and prodding..its. been along 17 years..not giving up yet

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