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Viral meningitis post 10 years.


Hi everyone. I had VM about ten years ago which left me in the hospital month. Docs said the first two days were 50/50 I'm would survive because I was also diagnosed with HIV/Aids at the same time. So I kinda got the double whammy. I was always the type that thought nothing would ever happen to me but it did. The meningitis was cured but ever since I found myself anxious, hyper alert and depressed. I was thinking everyone has it out for me or is going to take what I have. I never felt this way before the VM so I assume it has to be related. I am a Marine Corps veteran and was taught to stay strong but this was a serious bag of rocks to the head. What works for me is writing. It clears my head and I have written a couple books so far. For anyone who is trying to move forward I would def try writing.

As far as HIV that is well controlled. I contracted through straight contact and its not really a factor. The history of cryto meningitis is what really floors me. Sometimes I I start walkinTV. for no reason or direction and I've noticed Im real compulsive now. I used to be an electrician before meningitis but that's all over too. At times I feel like I want to scream out like someone with Tourettes syndrome. Like I have to hold back. I also say inapropriate things at times and am really brash sometimes. My mind feels like it has a million thoughts at once and I have a hard time focussing on this one task. Really sucks but how can that be mental illness? Is it because our brains are damaged? Makes me feel like I'm intellectually inferior because of a illness one time a long time ago.Def on t the same person I was. But its kind of messed my life up. Now I'm on disability and go fishing a lot. I also do affiliate marketing on my website but that's pretty boring. I'd rather be surfing in the ocean but can't because I live 2 hours away now and I end up sleeping or zoning at the TV

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I had bacterial meningitis but have the side effects you talk about. No fun huh?!? You have helped me to understand why I act the way I do sometimes. Kind of scary, huh!? I take it you live in the USA right? I think my husband thinks I'm a little bit nuts, but he is very understanding. I pray your life gets better. I know there are neurological psychologists out there to help our situation and also infectious disease drs who have all kinds of help. You are definitely not alone in this. God bless you. Cloudlover

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I'm glad someone can relate. My wife thinks I'm sacked out too but deals with me. I also see my doc regularly but I'm sure she thinks I'm out there too. Hard to believe I used to be an electrician. But I think everything happens for a reason. I thank you for responding and hope you can find peace through all this too.

Hi, I can empathise as I was diagnosed with HIV to the girl I lost my virginity to in 1995. It was a death sentence at that time but we tried to put it out of our minds and continue with life and finish college. We married 7 years later and then a further 5 years later I was diagnosed with TB meningitis. In hospital for 3 months and was discharged with brain damage to my frontal lobe.

I experience mental fatigue, impulsiveness, verbal disinhibition and a lack of motivation all of which are common with people who've suffered damage to the brain.

I was awarded ill health retirement from my management role at HSBC bank and now volunteer for Terrence Higgins Trust which is an HIV charity. I deliver talks about my experiences to school children in order to reduce stigma and educate them.

Anyway, good luck fella

So sorry your life changed so drastically. I am 7 months post VM. The VM experience has left me some what the same, I see a therapist and I am on Effexor and Ativan along with a list of other meds. I was diagnosed in 1997 with Lupus, RA and Fibroymyalgia and i thought that was bad enough, but since i contracted VM I live in fear of the headache pain every day vs. my Fibro pain which is constant. I have had intermittent VM headaches but not at severe, when it occurs i stay in bed because I am too afraid to move. I have was called busy brain, as my therapist calls it. I am always moving unable to stay still, very OCD more than before VM. I started crocheting and that has help me a lot with the busy brain. I have returned to work part-time, but i'm considering asking to be put on total disability because I'm fearing driving and i feel sometimes my judgement is not the same as it was before.

Thank you for sharing your story. I also was checked for every type of STD's and other types of diseases. The ER doc, initially said i was just having a Migraine, NOT! after 4 hours in ER in constant pain, even on morphine and diladin they finally said they would do a spinal tap. Sure enough was positive, i was then taken into isolation until they determined it was Viral not Bacterial. Hospitalized for a week, continued suffering for weeks and placed off work for 3 months.

This is the worst pain one can experience, at least for me.

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Sorry you are going through this too. All I can say IAS family support is really what works for me. As a vet I saw a therapist at the VA but the place is so full of red tape it only stressed me out more. Its not a very sympathetic setting at all. So, I hope you can find peace and the sun still shines for you.

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