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Spinal Meningitis at an early age, still having issues today. Does anyone else have the same?

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I had severe Spinal Meningitis at the age of 17mo old. I was expected to die. Was given my last rights and had my funeral all planned by my parents. Obviously I survived. I visited the Mayo Clinic often from that point in time to age 18 just to see how I was progressing. I made a full recovery (so I thought), but since I had many sports concussions and then sleep apnea for 10 years, I have had brain issues now and they are not going away. Headaches, memory issues, and cognitive issues. Does anyone know if Meningitis stays with you for your entire life and you never really get to 100%? Or is this the result of my other issues. I have seen Neurologists but they cannot give me any answers. Anyone have a similar situation such as mine?


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Hello. You wrote "many sports concussions". Were you a football player or something? Maybe your problems are mainly related with that and not with miningitis, I think..

That may be a part of it, but from what I have researched, survivors of Meningitis do not make a 100% recovery. Even before I was playing sports, I was having cognitive issues I am just wanting to talk with someone that has had a similar experience as me.

Hi brianj1962, I've been living with VM after effects since 2003. I had about 7 years after having VM with what I'm learning now, with mild health issues. I was diagnosed with VM on March 17,1997 and spent over two months in the hospital in green bay, Wis. They wanted to tansfer me to the Mayo Clinic, but I was still to sick and would have had to go by ambulance. I had no medical insurance then because of just changing jobs less then two weeks of getting sick. So ended up in the Marshfield Clinic instead. When I got released, I wasn't told anything about how this was going to change my life forever. Sorry for rambling on, but my brain is pretty clear right now, so I have to take advantage of it. Do you find that if your feeling stressed out about something you feel worse? I'm starting to put a time line together about when my health went down and so far stress seems to be a big part in my decline. Waiting right now for my medical records from then. Hope your doing better

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