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Has anyone else had recurrent bacterial meningitis?



I have just recovered from my 4th bout of bacterial meningitis over the past 15 years. I had pneumococcal meningitis in 2001, 2010 (while 28 weeks pregnant), 2012 (while 11 weeks pregnant), and again this past February 2015- this time it was haemophilus meningitis. I am obviously very lucky to be alive and with very little residual side effects. I am struggling to find answers as to why this has happened and live in constant fear of getting it again. I had 2 head injuries has a child and nose surgery after breaking it- so all of my infectious disease Doctors over the years have thought I must have a CSF leak- as that is a reason for recurrent meningitis- but I have had 2 MRIs, 4 CT scans, a Radionuclide cisternogram and have had several different ENTs and a neurosurgeon all conclude that they can see no crack/leak. My ID Drs have run my blood work and say that I have a great immune system and nothing out of the ordinary there.

Is there anyone out there that has had anything similar or has any insight to share on the subject

Many Thanks

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Hi Jacquelyn, I can understand what you are going through! I had mengicocol meningitis in April 2012 & pneumococol meningitis February 2014. I like you have had ct's, mri scans & immunology etc with no apparent conclusion. I haven't had any prior surgery or head trauma though & it does seem the likely route of your problem. As there is no apparent reason for mine & I am immune to the bacteria I am on daily antibiotics to prevent it from recurring. I don't like taking them but if it stops it happening again I will! It doesn't however stop the fear of it happening again! Stay well! Emma xx

Go to the MAYO clinic .

Do not pass go .

Sorry to hear of your troubles but seriously 4x in 15 years .

I just had it once 2 years ago and like u have very mild side effects comparatively some headaches and can't play golf anymore hurts my head too much .

I wish u luck and recommend you go to mayo .

I have CVST and a hole in my skull via my nose.. Dr's are worried ill contact meningitis,

I'm sh*t scared if I'm honest. so goodness knows how you've pulled yourself through meningitis 4 times!!

I personally have complex medical problems because my body seems to hide an awful lot of symptoms.

maybe you're body Is doing the same??

I hope they manage to get proof as then maybe they can take preventative action!!!

good luck. xx

Childhood illness such as mumps, chicken pox, measles and herpes simplex 1 and 2 can make recurrent meningitis return to you.

Hi I had viral meningitis 8 years ago I contracted it 18 months after I developed a spontaneous csf leak. I have had an intermittent csf leak ever since and I contracted bacterial meningitis last year I nearly died have hearing loss and other after effects as a result. I am due to have a cisternogram to detect the leak as it is so small and Maybe have an operation to prevent me from getting ill again. I take penicillin everyday too. My ent specialist said it's possible for the leak to heal itself from the brain swelling which would explain the intermittent leak xx

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