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I got this God awful thing about three weeks ago. I'm 57 and in excellent health. My wife and I live in the country, grow a garden and heat by wood so we're very active. After two trips to the ER, neither of which diagnosed me correctly. I was told it was a sinus infection that led to a bout of Vertigo. Well, they got the vertigo part right! Blinding headaches, high fevers, chills...All of the stereotypical stuff! I was off work for a week but I still feel like death. I stumble when I walk, I get dizzy and the headaches! Somebody just tell me this will end someday!

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Hi I had pneumococcal meningitis coming up to 7 weeks ago now I was in hospital fo 2 weeks on i v then sent home to recover. The recovery has been very slow I still have the dizzy spells,the head ache,no energy and can't concentrate for long periods. I can't drive yet or read a book for long. I am waiting to see ENT which is on the forth of July. I know this sounds bad but to think what I was like when I left hospital I have come a long way . I don't know when I will go back to work as my job is driveing and standing for long periods throughout the day but that is the last thing on my mind at the moment. You need to listen to your body and take things easy. I to am 57 and it has knocked the stuffing out of me as it all happened so quick hope this helps and you recover soon.

Hi you need to stop no lifting heavy things no stairs ,short walks on flat ground do this for 6 to 8 weeks listen to your body if it hurts stop .I had this 2 years in a row it takes time don't rush good luck helpman

How are you feeling now?

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