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Emotional changes after bacterial meningitis


In February I got bacterial meningitis. I was in hospital for 9 days and was sent home with severe headaches. The headaches are better now but my emotions have changes. I have never been a emotional person but lately I can't seem to stop crying and it it getting in the way of my work, studies an my relationship (I am 19) I was wondering if any one els has experienced this and found a solution to make it better. My parent are not supportive and keep telling me to man up. I do not know what to do any more and feel very lost in my own mind.

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I'm sorry your feeling this way ❤ i imagine your suffering with post traumatic stress. I am still like that now after my newborn getting BM even though it wasn't me directly that got it. i suffer with anxiety and cry and get emotional incredibley often. Please seek some counselling, either through meningitis now, or through your own gp. I emailed meningitis now rather then call, as i still can't pysically talk about it, but emailing gave me a way to express all the bubbling emotion without sounding like a wreck over the phone. I then organised PTS counselling through my sons health visitor. I haven't started it yet, as i don't feel like I'm ready, but i hope i can at some point. The fact your posting on here and reaching out is brilliant ❤ i think your parents simply don't understand the ordeal you have been through. Meningitis is like a bomb going off in your life. Its not an easy fix. People on here do understand. i found sharing my story helped, maybe you could do that.

your in the right place 👫


The way it was explained to me is that after the illness there's a lot of activity going on the the brain - like and electrical storm. Your not aware of it yourself, but your brain is still fixing itself. The first 12 months my head was a really weird place. Any time I taxed it, I wanted to sleep. Any hint of stress and I literally had to sleep.

Talking about it did help me and as misswinky34 says, counselling could be the way to go. BTW, you're not mad, your not being weak, it's a very serious illness and you've survived the initial illness (well done you!). Getting back to normal does take time. For me, things did take time to "settle down" in my head - at least 12 months.

I think because you probably look well, people really don't know whats going on in your head. People have said to me "it's just a bad headache isn't it?" yeah right. I used to tell people exactly what it was like, so much so that friends and family don't ask me anymore :-)

The illness has taught me that no one can deal with everything on their own, we all need help. I tried to concentrate on the fact that I'd survived and congratulated myself on doing so - what a strong person I most be etc etc.. My friends and family couldn't understand, but I could, many people on here can too...

These forums are great - initial I was put off as I didn't think I'd been as ill as everyone else, but every story is different, everyone takes different amounts of time to recover.

All the best, keep going, try to stay positive and talk to people if it helps..



First off, you are a survivor! Not everyone who gets bacterial meningitis survives it. Many who survive it come out with extreme disabilities like deafness, blindness, amputations. Your parents need to know this. You, too, have been left with side effects that may be short term, or may be long term. It's too soon to tell. Most neurologists (do you have one yet?) will tell you that it takes a full two years for your brain to heal following bacterial meningitis. During that time, you will have extreme emotions, concentration will be lacking, headaches will continue, and the list goes on. My doc told me the best thing to do is to get plenty of sleep...that's how the brain heals. 10 to 12 hours per night, if possible. If you feel like a nap during the day, take one. You can't just "man up" and make your continued symptoms go away. That won't happen. I suggest a neurologist and also potentially a physical therapist if you have balance and coordination issues, as I did. This will take time. And rest. Be sure to show your parents these responses. You need support now, more than ever. Best of luck. Susan


Im sorry your parents refuse to give you emotional support. Meningitis now is a very good start to find that support. People here, have all the same common goal, of helping others, sharing, trying to get through their experience and have an better life after their attack.

Stay strong and positive

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Hi ,

I had Bacterial meningitis in April of this year and cry over many things important and not important . I don't let it concern me because I agree with one of the members who wrote to you that the brain is still healing . I actually appreciate the outlet of the tears . Being human is to cry . We are the only animal specie that has the ability to cry . Just relax and let your brain heal . As far as support goes , people who have not been touched by BM have no idea what we are going thru and have come thru . This site has helped me tremendously and I hope it has the same effect on you . Be good to yourself and when the tears come on , smile thru the tear drops !!

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I was hospital for a month on my back trying to get rid of the bacterial meningitis. I seen the spinal fluid coming out of the leak in my spine. It was dark red. Suppose to be clear as water. Anyway 6 months later I still cant sleep much. Weak all over. Confused. Headaches. Emotional. I feel crazy. People see me and assume nothing is wrong besides my hands shaking when I take communion. My brain feels asleep all the time. I dont get excited over anything. For the life of me I dont know how or why i survived and didn't die after having the virus for weeks. Or hat I didn't go blind or loss my hearing or go into a coma. My balance is off. I can list hundreds of things. I used to know the city of Memphis like the back of my hand. But I find myself lost and don't know where I am. Bla. Bla Bla. I have been to 30 different doctors and not one has ever seen anyone who had bacterial meningitis. If I go 800 miles to see a speciaist I would not that they can do anything but for someone can tell me I'm not crazy or if I could meet someone who had it is if there were groups that meet together of people who had it. Yes there are days that are ok. Like 3 days a month. Days I feel like I'm having a heart attack or stroke walking on a store like I'm about to black out and faint. Scary as hell.

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