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Hi Noel,

My husband 73 yrs old contracted acute bacterial meningitis while vacationing in Philippines. We we're in Binondo & Divisoria area in April 2016. It was a nightmare. Luckly Drs saved him. Returned to Los Angeles June,. 2016. Damage were numerous.To this day balancing & urine retention are still unresolve.

Sorry could not give advice for we are still working on above mentioned concerned. But for sure we could pray for you. Have faith & it will get easier. Drs here say it takes time. My approach for his treatment is the sooner the better. Because he believes he could reverse his diabilities. I have to capture that moment that he could do it, rather than to wait. For balancing I have him walk in the pool 20 min then swim 30 min. He could correct his in balance but not sure if this will work for you. Hope it's helpful.

Ate Rose

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