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36 weeks pregnant and can not see my dad for last time who is far away from me

Hello everyone,

my Dad is 59 years old and he is fighting with tb meningitis . Its been 3 months today and is getting even worse. He is suffering from gout and catched pneumonia 15 days ago and the doctors moved him to intensive care room . After the 1st month of the treatment he was better he couldn't stand and walk but at least sit and his brain was really fresh he could remember everything, then suddenly started to be confused again couldn't recognize the people, shaking stopped talking. Today the doctors said they are fighting for every single minute. He has so many different tubes supporting him and seems no chance for him. I don't want to believe that and still hope and pray. He is in Vietnam went back there on holiday . I live in UK and 36 weeks pregnant even can not fly to see him. I just wanted to share my story with all of you .I have never khew about this horrible desease how dangerous could be.

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Oh hunny

I'm sending a huge hug. How dreadful. You must feel so helpless.

I can only offer you prayers and well wishes, my baby son has not long gotten over bacterial meningitis, it's such a horrid consuming disease ☹️

It was always something that happened to someone else.

I really hope your dad pulls through.



Thank you misswinky34, it's true I feel helpless horrible feeling. Today he is having blood transfusion and big problem also is very bad pressure sore all over the body. the doctors do what they can do and we just praying.


How are things today hun? ❤️


the pressure sore they said is actually medication allergy which is inside the body as well I really can't understand. Blood transfusion today , glucose, natri and sodium chlorid they said they are trying to keep him alive. So sad


And how are you managing? Xx


he passed away last night. It is horrible I can't understand he was better after 1 month after the treatment then started to get worse then 2 month suffering till the end


I'm so sorry sweetheart xx😖


I am praying for you and your family 😢


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