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Tuberculosis meningitis third stage


My 2 and half year old son had TBM of 3 stage. He suffered from 13 feb 2018 and his fever is not yet controlled by doctors since last two month, everyday he suffere from fever temp 104 max. On 13 feb he was in coma and after 15 days he had out from coma but still he is in bed, open eyes but not responding and he is not able to say only crying. Doctors saying some parts of the brain had damaged after CT scan and MRI reports

Now I want to know how much time take to complete recover.

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hello!hope that you're baby still doing fine. Im sorry to hear it,that in an early age your baby suffered that too much kind of pain. I know how you feel for my father was also diagnosed last year december an even spent xmas holiday in the hospital. He has hydrocephalus with TB Meningitis. He underwent VP shunting, thank God he awakeb the next day. Only thing that i can advice to you is just to wait until his body will recover. Right now my father still in the stage like a baby. He ate and sleep, don't even talk and can't even walk. Be positive and trust God about his plan for us.

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