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Hello Fello Sufferers and Survivors,

I am writing to ask if any of you have had issues with swallowing, voice hoarseness and coughing after eating and drinking.

I am 10 months out. I was in a Coma for 6 days and intubated. My doctor tells me it is from being intubated. I really don't think so, because I have had surgery and have been Intubated before.

Any of ya'll had this after affect? Please advise.

Oh and btw I got my disability for SS so now I can relax and concentrate on getting better.



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Hi Elizabeth, I was intubated for a week as well and had the same problems - hoarse voice etc - and it was definitely from being intubated - it can happen when you are intubated for long periods of time. It just took time. I'm two years on, my voice was really hoarse for about a year and still isn't as strong but it's good enough :)


Thank you so much for your reply. I guess I need to be more patient. Hope all is going well for you. Regards, EE


hi hun

I work with a child also who was intubated for a month and she has to now be tube fed and can not swollow. She did not have meningitis x


Hello, Thank you for your reply. Really makes it hard to complain when there is always someone in worse condition. Blessings on this little one. Regards, EE

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I also had the same illness as you and was intubated for 6 days. I have been coughing up a green phlegm ever since every morning, but once I've done it once it's fine for the rest of the day. Do you experience any pins and needles in your legs and feet? I have been told it was due to septicaemia and amputations but I can't stand in the same place for more than a minute without suffering.


My biyfriend has recently been diagnosed with bacterial and tb meningitis - his voice was very weak about 2weeks in then got stronger and now is weak again - he sounds like he has a sore throat although he doesn't. He has not been intubated so your hoarse voice may have nothing to do with the intubation??


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