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Bacterial Meningitis

Hi, shortly after birth my daughter was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and was treated in hospital for two weeks receiving antibiotics and having various tests. She thankfully made a full recovery thanks to the amazing midwife and doctors that picked up on it so quickly. She's now a happy healthy 6 week old baby.

I was just after some advice, she's due to have her vaccination's in a couple of weeks and I wanted to know if it was safe for her to have the meningitis vaccine?

Any advice would be great

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If I were you I would get a couple opinions from Doctors. Most people here are not Doctors. And you need professional advice. Good Luck and Shalom

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My munchkin got BM at 2 weeks old. he had a week in intensive care and 4 weeks iv anti biotic. He too is doing brilliant, and had just turned 1. To answer your question, the GP and consultant told me to give a full. Month clear after antibiotic therapy before any immunisations. Simply because the immune system has to build itself back up again. They also advised me to leave the rota virus vaccine off, because the side effects would be magnified due to the antibiotics. So he had his first set of immunisations at 12 weeks, and then staggered them from there. One piece of advice I will give you, they do get unwell and get a fever with the men b and booster. I Freaked when he became unwell with it, so just be ready for it. It will pass in a day or two ❤️ xxx

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Thank you for your advice, glad to hear he's doing so well. She's had a month clear of antibiotics now...i checked with the consultant and gp who both advised getting the vaccines at 8 weeks as normal. I've stocked up on some calpol to help with the fever, fingers crossed she doesn't get too poorly from it xx


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