All symptoms point to Meningitis but tests say otherwise

I took my husband to the hospital today after he quickly was getting sick and feeling weak, very high fever, pounding head pain/muscle pain and an unsual rash (similar to the Meningitis rash). At he hospital they got him on 3 litres of fluids and a 24 hour antibiotic. The kidney function/white blood cell count/blood, urine and ECG tests were all normal. We are waiting for the culture to come back in 2 days for results on what virus he is suffering from. My worst fear is meningitis but all tests say otherwise and doctors kept doubting that is what it was. I'm worried sick and can not stop trying to research about this. They did not want to do lumbar puncture because his neck was not sore, but he had every single other symptom in the book. I just want to make sure he is okay. Has anyone else had clear tests until lumbar and then found out it was Meningitis???

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  • Ask for lumbar test ASAP ! My friend had this exact scenario and they sent her home w antibiotics, 2 days later she went back and she had bacterial meningitis,

  • They don't want to do it because his blood work was normal and he doesn't have any neck pain... but now his fever has spiked back up

  • Means nothing! These doctors sometimes know nothing! My friend didn’t make it , i didn’t want to state that at first. Ask for diff doctors to evaluate!

  • Sorry about your friend. I'm happy to say my husband is doing better. Thanks.

  • It's quite common for bloods to come back clear with meningitis. They need to do a lumbar puncture. The issue now they have started antibiotics this might give a false negitive. Good luck

  • Cultures do take 2 to 5 days to grow, however I'm surprised that he wasn't admitted.

    If symptoms get worse, call an ambulance without hesitation.

  • He is getting better. Fever is down and no more muscle pains or anything. I guess it was just a virus. Thanks for your comment!

  • Just for the record, I NEVER had neck pain. Didn't mean I didn't have pneumococcal bacterial meningitis though!

  • I never had neck pain either. (Meningococcal Septicemia & DIC). I had extreme...and I mean EXTREME...leg pain...from my waist down to my toes. (Still have foot pain 24/7 and it's been 40 years.)

  • Not everyone has the same symptoms, of course.

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