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Hi, my wife is in hospital due to bacterial manengitis and we just completed a ct scan. unfortunately she has a problem on the left side of the brain. i am waiting for a consultant to tell us what the next step should be. has anyone went through this stage and what has been the experience?

Thank you.

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  • Hi sorry about your wife , is she awake ? Is she in a coma? Since I posted my post my mil went from a coma to a vegetable, she’s 62 in a geriatric unit , opens her eyes but doesn’t connect w us , she is in a vegetative state.Speak to a neurologist ASAP , don’t listen to ppl, if the bacteria went to her brain the medication needs to be inserted through the scalp, that was our mistake we didn’t do that . Today my mil has complete brain damage. Good luck

  • tanx for the response, yes she is awake and she can talk a lil. the is a clot in the vein in the brain, but they started with the medication yesterday to stop clots from growing and possibly dissolves, then help with the blood circulation. Il pray for you guys, tank u for the response.

  • If your wife is talking, and medication is helping the clot dissolve already, I'd say her prognosis is very good! Keep asking questions of the doctors. Keep pressing them for answers. If you don't understand something, make them explain it. Don't leave her side! If you have to leave, have a friend or loved one in the room with her at all times.

    I had bacterial meningitis and developed an abscess on the left frontal lobe of my brain while hospitalized that left me unable to communicate at all for several days, although I was still conscious. Brain surgery to remove the abscess was discussed, but a wait and see approach with major antibiotics was started, and finally the abscess started to go down, and I got back the use of my speech.

    Please stay by her side throughout her recovery. Let her know you are there for her, even once she returns home. It's a long, slow process, and she's going to need to know she can depend on you. She will probably need a neurologist for the rest of her life to help deal with after/side effects. Be prepared for that possibility. Generally, the hospital won't tell you what to expect once you go home. This site is excellent for advice! You came to the right place.

    Best wishes for your wife's continued recovery.


  • Do you remember the medicine they gave you to make abscess go down ?

  • The doctor wrote it down but it is not clear for me...They might look familiar if i write them down. Clerane and Warforine (Something like that)

  • I was on "Rocephen" administered by an iv "picc" line. I was on it for 11 and 1/2 weeks. Once discharged from the hospital, a home health nurse came to my home and taught my husband how to properly give it to me twice a day. During that time, I had to go back in for more CT scans to make sure that the abscess was getting smaller, until finally there was no trace of it.

  • Thank you so much Susan for your reply, i visit her every single day. i have been questioning the doctor and his response is helpful and informative, he is helping out. He lets me know of any possibilities. Hopefully it is not that bad yet but i will expect and accept any possibilities so that i can be able to help her. your response is helpful, Thank you once more!

  • Nzori, please keep coming back to this site with more questions or concerns. This is a group of people who have experience with meningitis in many forms. We have personal knowledge, unfortunately. But, in many cases, knowledge can be power. Best wishes to your wife. Susan

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