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Bacterial meningitis C (even though immunised) and after effects for 7 year old boy

Hello my boy had BM strain C. He was put into a medically induced coma on the 12th July, out of PICU on the 19th and discharged from hospital two and a half weeks later. Full recovery so to speak and we are very grateful and fortunate to have him here. No limb loss or hearing loss. However it seems his personality has completely

Changed! He is fearless to the point of being dangerous . Very outspoken and anger like I've never seen in a child. Has anyone else experienced this? We are so lucky and I'm not moaning about this but I'm wondering how much of it is to do with the meningitis . He is still

Under consultant care as he shouldn't have had men c as he has been fully immunised. That is obviously being looked into along with his other immunisations. Has anyone ever experienced this? Getting meningitis even though they have been vaccinated!

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I am sorry to hear that your son has had Meningitis C. That must have been a very frightening and distressing experience for you to see your son so poorly and in a coma. It is still quite soon in his recovery and although the infection has been treated it still can take many months for things to settle down.

As for any immunisation there is a small minority for whom their body doesn't develop the immunity. It can be due to problems with the bodies response or because the vaccine wasn't stored correctly etc. That is good that they are checking whether his other vaccines have worked and if not why.

Best wishes


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