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Joint swelling after viral meningitis

Hi everyone, I believe I had viral meningitis about a month ago. I thought it was the flu and by the time I realized it could be meningitis (severe headaches, stiff neck, etc), we were about to go under curfew for Hurricane Irma. So, I toughed it out and by the time I could get out again, I was mostly recovered. So, I never had a formal diagnosis. Anyway, for the past few weeks I have felt back to normal except for swelling off and on in both knees and both elbows. Usually there is not any pain, but occasionally the swelling is accompanied by ache in surrounding muscles. I am debating going to my doc, but he is very "test-happy" and I don't want to suffer through unnecessary tests. Is joint swelling a normal after effect of meningitis that will eventually resolve? Is there anything linked to meningitis that causes swelling of joints, for which there is a treatment? Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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As you didn't seek a formal diagnosis for VM, I suggest that you do go and get your knee and elbow pain checked out because there is the possibility that your symptoms are all indicating something else. We are not medically trained on here, just people who have had meningitis or know someone who has. It would be wrong of us to assume that what you are experiencing is after effects of meningitis because it might not be. A meningitis headache is excruciating, an intolerable pain that I don't think you would be able to 'tough out' and usually takes more than a couple of weeks to resolve. Go and see a doctor and describe all your symptoms that you had/have. Meningitis can only be diagnosed by a lumber puncture/spinal tap.


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