Cranial massage works wonders

Hello to all suffering post V.M. please read my daughter's story..Rosie S's story on the site. She is pretty much feeling back to her old self after a couple of once a week treatments. It seems that getting the spinal fluid moving again around your body and head could be the key for recovery via cranial massage. She shared her story and you may contact her for more details. She is happy to help anyone who is going through the same torture post V.M.

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  • ...that's a couple of months of once a week treatments. Rosie is on 7/10 cranial massage sessions, alernated with some acupuncture.

  • Ive never heard of a cranial massage but im going to look it up and yes I will try just about anything as I have had 4 hospital visits of VM but I get many inbetween they have called them mini bouts .... thx for your post :)

  • Are you referring to Cranial Sacral or just massage? looking to try.

  • My daughter Rosie saw a cranial osteopath for treatments. She was having acupuncture sessions in between on alternate weeks. Rosie is on the Facebook page forum feed. You are more than welcome to contact her personally through this, and she can tell you her step by step road to recovery, which, I have to say didn't take very long!..she is more than happy to help others and very grateful for the way she is now.

  • I had my cranial massage today ... and I would recommend it to you who suffer head pain I never can lean over and not feel like my head is so heavy and full of uncomfortable pain ... tonight I bent over and the pain wasn't there I couldn't believe how much relief I have benefited from just one treatment, I will have more and I feel so relaxed :)

  • Wow! I am so happy and excited for you. It seems that we have hit on a revelation here!.. if you ask me, i think the key it to manipulate the neck and head to get the spinal fluid flowing again. Again WOW! Good for you and here's for a complete recovery. Xx

  • Its really weird the lady Melanie Parsons who manipulated me said lots will happen in the next few days well I can't believe another thing ive never been able to lay on my back in bed always felt uncomfortable, last night I couldn't believe how I felt laying there on my back I feel balanced I cant describe the feeling but its totally awesome and I hope others will get good results like me .... love to all who suffer <3

  • I've had both cranial osteopathy and cranial sacral massage therapy. They're both great, and though I recommend craniosacral therapy to anyone with chronic pain, for my post-vm symptoms the osteopathy is the winner.

    It was hands down as helpful as the steroid, though the steroid was not optional. My therapist does this move I personally call a "brain hug" on the base of my skull. It feels SO good. Not pleasure, but all my negative symptoms just melt away. It feels like Health, as my brain was always meant to feel. Completely devoid of any pain, nausea, dizziness, prickliness, pressure, migraines,'s heaven! Doesn't last forever, but every time i go in, my "worst" days are better than before.

  • So happy for you and your daughter :)

    Yes I am using cranial Sakrel therapy as well.

    I could not believe the difference I felt from the first session, it works wonders with the spinal fluid and trapped fluid in the forehead and epecially around the back of the head. As I said before on my previous post, the treatment is a must for all VM after effects sufferers!

    They medical profession, should make it compulsory to all VM victims.

    I have had 4 sessions, with 1 or 2 to go.

    It has taken away so much pressure away in my head and cleared ALL the foggyness!!

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