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ICU help brain damaged

Hi i am very worried and sad about my dad being on icu he got in there by getting a heart attack on a 6ft ladder fell off and cracked his brain/head he was rushed to hospital for surgery for blood clot removal in brain they removed it but it did nothing to him he also something wrong with him about the heart attavck idk? hes been in icu for 3 days and they said he has small chance of living low chance. his whole body is good and healthy still alive only thing is his brain damaged hes been in coma in icu i hate seeing all the wires on him and him not talking or walking up how long will it take for him to come out of coma and will he live please let me know thnx.

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Hi, I think you're on the wrong forum- this is for those affected by meningitis. I'm an ICU nurse and it sounds like you need to gain info from a brain trauma forum. I do hope the best for your father, best wishes,

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