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What should I expect for my 12 year old son?

My son is two days out of the hospital, after being diagnosed with VM. I am working with him to try out a gradual return to "normal activities" except that both he and I are very aware that he is not ready for anything normal just yet. He is very comfortable when lying down, but he is 12, typically active, very athletic, and his summer vacation just began. I am encouraging patience, but he is 12...patience is not necessarily one of his greatest virtues. I am wondering if anyone out there has resources specific to young adolescents. Before VM his schedule was school, two hours of hanging and playing sports with friends, soccer 3 times a week and at least 1-2 soccer games a weekend. Are there other parents of VM children out there? What have you found? What did you do?

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I'm sorry for what your going through both of you. Meningitis is truly like a bomb going off in your life. My baby is only tiny and getting over it still but luckily he's too small to know what's going on, and hasn't had that taste of independence, I imagine its very difficult for your son, and yourself for having to watch him go through it. It's a very very gradual process and you can only take things day by day. please don't expect too much of him, and give yourself time out when you can to be strong for him. his mobility, mood, personality all may be affected, or equally they may not ☺you can only take it small steps at a time. It's a good forum to have a vent on. Your in the right place. Hope there's more people on here that read hour post and can help you xxx


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