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Meningitis Now
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Concerned mum

Hi,I have a 9 years old son his currently been treated from menigo encephalitis, it 3weeks now,his on iv with antibiotics and acyclovir.

What worries me is that he was responding well to the meds but just 3days ago the confusion n fever spiked back again.

I would like to know if this part of relapses is having is part of healing process.

Kindly advice if there's anyone out there with similar situation. Thanks

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My thoughts go out to you ....have faith ..the body needs to fight and recover from the illness ...I don't know about this strain but I do know how much my baby fought ...never lose hope and look after.yourself you need.all the.strength just how ...love to you both xx

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Hi janey61..thanks much for your kind words, really it did give me hope,I pray my son pulls through,it is tough seeing him thru all this but I believe he shall be well..thank you


Keep in touch ...please xx


Hello Faah,how is your son doing?

I am not aware of what meningo encephalitis is. Is it a kind of meningitis?

Have faith and be strong for your boy. Never let him'see you sad or anxious. Always be positive near him.

Children are fighters. I will pray so that your son be as lucky and blessed as my daughter who suffered meningitis at age 40 days and now is strong and healthy.

My best wishes to your boy.


Hi euagelia,so far so good,his improving well with the meds,tho he started physio therapy this week his right arm n leg weakened a bit but was told by his doctor that he shall be well with the therapy.

Menigo encephalitis its a viral meningitis infection.

Am glad your daughter made it thru..true their are fighters,I shall keep the positivity around him and have faith above all.

Thanks for your kindness n support much appreciated. God bless

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