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Meningitis Now
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My brother Known hypertensive and known vasculitis

42 years old my brother was admitted in a hospital with fever and shivering. Initially doctors suspected malaria and typhoid . The blood reports were clear. So they thought it to be a flare up of vasculitis.he was shifted to another hospital where his rheumatologist worked . On the day of admission he turned up to be drowsy and irritable with headache and fever. Meningitis was suspected but not diagnosed with the exact one. He started having episodes of encephalopathy and unconsciousness. LP was done but doctors could not control his symptoms despite the antibiotics treatment . However he was then moved to a better and private hospital where he was diagnosed with TB meningitis.The treatment started and my brother went back home. Now he had memory loss, bowel and urinaty incontinence and weakness in legs. However , after few days when decadron was stopped he felt drowsy again , added in with seizures . He was taken to the hospital again where we were told that it's due to hydrocephalus and we should go for VP shunting. When he was being admitted he had respiratory distress and was on ventilator . VP shunting was also done on while being ventilator.Now it's been three weeks there is still no significant improvement . Though he's clinically stable but not alert and very responsive. Short term memory loss is still there.Today a CT scan was repeated showing no significant changes in hydrocephalus . We are still worried how long would it take to settle?

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How is your brother doing now?


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