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Tough time with BM..😒

Hi everyone, My grandmother was admitted in hospital to have a surgery in her knee.Surgery was fine and next two days she was normal. And then suddenly she was ill and became unconsious. Later treatment continued and doctors found that she was affected with Baceterial meningitis. I am not good at doctor science but understood something went wrong. Doctors said she is affected with BM and she had count of 70000 bacteria approx in brain. It all started on Feburary 7th. Till now treatment is being given and count is reduced to 25 itseems. I am hopeless of the treatment and she hasn't opened her eyes. My family is totally dumbstruck and we are not having any ideas or option on it. Is there chance of getting my grandmother back or atleast to consiousness. How long will it take to recover? Does any one experienced such kind of situation? Please advise I am badly in support and belief from all..

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Hello grandchild, I'm sorry to hear of your grandmothers illness with BM. Unfortunately it is a very aggressive illness and swift, hence your grandmother becoming unconscious in such little time. I don't understand the bacteria count either but it appears very early days so it is difficult for anyone (even the dr's) to know the outcome. Did your grandmother contract BM from the operation or was this coincidence? I just wanted to give you my support and to let you know to ask the dr's any & all questions that you have. It can be such a shocking situation to find yourself in that quite often we forget to ask questions and my personal experience is Dr's won't offer much information if you do not probe them. What age is your grandmother? Her age will also slightly determine the outcome. Be strong & I wish your grandmother a recovery with no complications.


Thank you so much for the concern. Pre operation her health was perfectly alright. My grandmother' age is 78. Post operation she has been affected with BM (not sure it is coincidence or being lethargic) and doctors are even not responding with proper treatement. They say it is a slow process to recover from it and minimu of 45 days is required for her to get stable. She is under antibiotics and it is a course of 21 days to have her in getting treated with antibiotics itseems. I am not strong enough or having a strong background to raise questions against them. Because asking questions and later if they dont treat her properly then all will be in vain and pain. So my grandmother being a patient in hospital and I am maintaing patience outside the hospital..🀐😒


Yes, it is a very slow process. Your gran will be in hospital for quite some time and the dr's have to be very careful that there are no complications during treatment. Depending on how quickly the BM was picked up, your gran may not have any serious side effects. It can take many months or years to recover from this illness fully. It would be beneficial for you to research as much as you can to prepare your gran for any support she will need. Quite often patients when released from hospital cannot live independently and need help from family. I wish your family all the best. Hugs oooo

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