Viral Meningitis from West Nile

I'm new to this group, and am so happy I found this site. I had VM from West Nile 17 months ago, and even though I am so much better I still have fatigue, headaches, fuzzy head, confusion, memory problems, etc., enough so that I have been unable to return to work. I am in the US, and have not been able to find a support group for VM, and all my physicians think I'm just making the symptoms up. Thanks to Meningitis Now for creating this site, it's wonderful to be able to connect with others going through the same difficulty I am facing.

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  • I had vm Oct 2014 and it led to multiple Sclerosis. Has this been considered? I had no MS symptoms until the vm and hundreds of tests later MS was diagnosed. Takes 12-24 months to diagnosis. Hope it's not but may be worth a thought? Best of luck

  • MRI & CT scans are normal, so not MS, but I'll make sure to talk to my physician. Thank you.

  • I had VM 19 months ago and still nowhere near normal! most docters give you the feeling your crazy! But you know your not!! Don't forget you know yourself the best! Its a rollorcoster never expected to end up in a situation like this.. im so much better than last year but still can't work or have a normal life.. lots of headaches, so tired, ringing ears, dizzy etc writing this message is hard too! But love to have contact with someone who is experiencing the same kind of thing. I live in Holland and haven't find a forum like this in dutch. Hope to here from you :-)

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