West Nile Meningitis

Hello Everyone I am new here. I thought I would introduce myself.

I am 38 years old and from a small town in North Dakota, USA. I had been diagnosed with West Nile Meningitis September 2014. I was in the hospital for 9 days. I have been told numerous times that I am lucky to be alive! In October 2017 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have told me that they can't diagnose me with Post West Niles Virus because so far there is no protocol for it. My Physical Therapist has diagnosed me with Post West Nile Virus.

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  • So sorry to hear about your suffering. I live in KCMO USA. I just had a bout of bacterial meningitis plus live with fibro and bad back pain. Had 3 back surgeries in November 2016 and then in Dec the BM. My husband has Parkinsons so together we really understand each other and others like you who suffer. I have a lot of friends and family on Facebook that pray for us as we can't get out to church. Its been a huge battle getting our lives to work better but I can only encourage you and say I'm here and understand. Bless your sweet heart. You are still so very young. I'm sure there are others around you even in a small area. I'm sorry it took so long for someone to answer you. My daughter just went through a horrible crisis of losing most of her blood and in hospital getting transfusions. She is much better. Diagnosed with ITP. Losing blood easily etc. Long story. I wonder if you could get to a larger hospital somehow to get better quality help. I know easier said than done. I just want you to know that I understand and hear you. You are so young and still very strong. Fight back with your words. It can't keep you down! Get in antidepressants if you need to. It will help with the pain too. I am on Cymbalta for fibro and it helps a lot!!!. Also Oxycontin and oxycodone which together knock the hell out of pain. You are not a drug addict! You are someone who is in horrible indescribable pain that most people don't understand AT ALL!!!! Never put yourself down. Go to an understanding pain mgmt dr or center. Never let anyone call you a drug addict or just ignore them. Pray to God for the right people to come into your life that can help you get up and back on your feet when you can. On days you can't be kind to yourself. Get a warm electric blanket and pull it around you. It feels like floating on a warm sunny cloud and the heat absorbs all the pain. Well lovely lady. Take care. Love yourself. Pray. Forgive. I hope this helps.Hugs and kisses from KC. Blessings from a God who loves you. Cloudlover Here for you.

  • Hi, I'm also new to this group, and am so happy I found this site. I had VM from West Nile 17 months ago, and also spent 9 days in the hospital. Even though I am so much better I still have fatigue, headaches, fuzzy head, confusion, memory problems, etc., enough so that I have been unable to return to work. I am in the US as well, in Michigan, and have not been able to find a support group for VM, and all my physicians think I'm just making the symptoms up. It's good to hear, although sad as well, that there are others out there with long term effects from VM, makes one feel less crazy.

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