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Venkat from chennai

My wife Rohini started having fever from October 2 2016 & was given initially paracetamol & other fever reducing tablets the fever did not subside even after 12 days..however it was diagnosed as typhoid fever and medicines were given .

I wasn't happy with the treatment so I got her admitted to a leading speciality hospital in chennai.

The fever was continuous from 100 to 104 degrees it was constantly fluctuating.

Series of tests was done and on 22 October shifted to ICU.

They did CT scan of brain , chest,

Scan of heart, lungs, liver, intestines.

All organs of the body were done with and three times spinal fluids were taken & sent to culture test.

They said its Tuberculosis Meningitis.

On 27 October they did MRI of brain and found excess fluids in the brain.

The neurosurgeon was called & they drained off the excess fluids & an shunt was put permanently.

She was shifted from ICU to a private room on 8 November.

It's now over 45 days since my wife even speaks a word or recognises me.

I m continuously staying 24/7 in the hospital with no support.

My aged mom in law comes for one or two hours daily to see her daughter.

Beyond this there's no one else.

I have no clue about the status of her mental condition.

The doctors are asking me to shift my wife from the hospital.

They are saying it will take 6 months before she can do / say anything.

Effectively closing the issue.

I have no idea how to progress or where am I ...

All I want to know is ...

Will my wife ever talk...



It's like I m living with a zombie..

She just looks through me..


No clue...

No response...

I like a baby have cried my heart out.. each day ..

With each passing day ...

She looks getting farther away ..

Unsure where am I...

Never before in my all of 54 years have I been so humbled .. so beaten..

So down...

I just want to die...

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Hello Murlivenkat, I have sent you a private message


Dear Madam Claire,

Good morning,

Thanks for the message & mail.

It's a long haul & I m slowly coming to terms...

Thanks for the kind words.

Have a nice day,

Warm regards,



Sorry to read how unwell your wife is. Just wanted you to know that. Stay strong for your loved one - but it is not easy.


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