Recovery from bacterial'meningitis,infant 4months

Hi everyone. my daughter had bact.meningitis at 2month old and was treated with meropemen iv. After returning home,she had fever again and we went back to the hospital where she spent another 15days with meropemen. Now we are home and trying to get back on track. When got home,my baby started refusing her milk and kept screaming only by facing the bottle. Has this happen to anyone else's baby? if yes,what did your pediatrician suggested? our's suggested we give her probiotics,which we did and my baby seems a lot better and calm while drinking her milk. I hope that this is the only after side effect of the repeated use of meropemen on my baby..

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  • Hi euagelia

    Am so very sorry to hear that your beautiful baby daughter contracted bacterial meningitis at such a young age. Fortunately treatment was started quickly enough that she has survived. Although you are concerned about the side effects of the meropemen without the right antibiotics she would not have been able to survive and recover. Your daughter has had a very serious illness and although she is well enough to come home as no longer needs hospital treatment she will still be recovery and more likely to be fractious and unsettled. That's good to her that the probiotics have soothed her stomach and she is now drinking her milk without distress. Has your daughter had a hearing test because her hearing does need to be checked as sometimes can be affected by BM. As she is still an infant you will have a health visitor to keep a check on her development.

    Best wishes

  • Than you for the reply. You are right, she is alive and that is the most important thing. however i feel really anxious to see her getting older and wish for no damages.. Yes,we did check hearing and she is ok. we will repeat the hearing test on july. Did your self suffered bm?

  • Hi Euagelia

    Yes it is hard not to be worrying about the future and your daughters development. If you can you need to try and expect that she will be ok otherwise I fear you will be scrutinizing every step of the way and perhaps seeing bigger problems about things which may or may not be a cause of concern. I think I am right it thinking you have not long come home from hospital with your daughter and so your concerns are going to be very very high at the moment. If you live in the UK I would advise you to ring the Meningitis Now helpline Freephone 0808 80 10 388. They are a great support and sometimes it helps to speak to someone about what has happened. They also can send you relevant information and there are other services you can access. Or take a look at their website

    Yes I did have BM & S five years ago - in fact it will be exactly 5 yrs on the 27th May. If you click on my name at the top of my response it will take you to my profile which explains what happened to me.

    Best wishes

  • .. I have'read your story.. All this time i wished that i would got meningitis and not my baby..reading your story'made me realise that for a parent to get sick means several traumas to the child as well.. We have a say here in cyprus and i will translate it here.. wish you health and nothing else..all the other matters in life will follow.

    You are absolutely right, i have to be positive and optimistic for my daughtes sake.

  • Hi, Just thought I'd message as I understand your concerns for the future. It's hard to come to terms with. My baby was 3weeks when she took ill, it was predicted she would survive and we discussed her rehabilitation however she very unfortunately passed away at 4 weeks 2 days. I miss her every second of everyday.

  • I am so sorry and my heart breaks for you. Mama's love finds our children anywhere - she knows how much you love her.

  • I am really sorry for your loss.. may God give you strength to come through this.. she recovered from meningitis and died suddendly? i cannot even imagine how you feel.. may she rests peacefully..

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