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Bacterial meningitis


Hi, my dad is a 60 year old with pneumococcal meningitis. They sedated him and intubated him a week ago, when they start to lower him off sedation his eyes are not focusing. He was treated today with heparin due to a couple small clots In his lungs. Wondering if anyone has any similar experience. I feel like I have no idea what to expect. Praying for the best but preparing for the worst

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Hi I am a 57 year old woman who had pneumococcal meningitis 10 weeks ago I was in hospital for two weeks on antibiotics the first 5 days I was in and out of consciousness I came round and I just slept most of the time. I could not focus very well or sit up for long and did not walk until the day before I come home. The recovery is very slow you have to be patiencent but when I look back now I have come on very well,don't get me wrong I still have issues headache balance tired all the time. I have to go back to the hospital for a hearing test and to see if I need to have a perforation in my ear to be closed. Walking is getting better I can walk around shops now and do some light house work. Hopefully I will try to drive in the next couple of weeks and hope to go back to work at the end of September. That's all I can say is keep positive and don't let this illness win I don't ever think you will be the same but embrace the life you have.

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Thank you so much for your reply and I will definitely stay positive. It’s great to hear how well you’re doing! Keep up with the strong recovery!!!

Hi im 46 and had BM back in feb. I too had to be intubated for some time. They attempted to lessen my medication and bring me around a few times but something happened each time (blood pressure jumping etc) so they had to put me back under. Not a pleasant time for my family so i really do feel for what youre going through. Eventually (im guessing when my body was ready) i came round and stayed concious.

Even the waking up can take time and unless hes remarkably fortunate, its a long, slow recovery. Patience will be a huge factor in his recovery. Its also important to set realistic goals for himself or he will just feel like hes not getting anywhere. (I had to adjust my targets a number of times to ease my frustration). Im now only just starting to go back to work - only 3-4hrs once or twice a week and am hoping to be able to start driving again soon which will mean the world to me!!

They are just a couple of my experiences. Hope it helps. Also take time and read some of the posts on here. There really is some good advice on here

All the best to you and your dad on his recovery



Thank you so much for sharing it gives me so much peace and comfort to hear about your recovery. Patience is so hard but we are working on it. Glad to hear how well you are doing, hopefully you will be back behind the wheel sometime soon!! Thank you again!!

Morning. I’m an active 43 year old and I started with bacterial meningitis 20th feb and have only just gone back to work last week.

I spent to weeks in hospital and took a wide range of pain relief and a two week course of antibiotics.

First week I was in isolation on intensive care and wasn’t really saying much, and when I did I was just stopping mid sentence and then starting back up again after a while , by second week was much better and was put out on the main ward.

I struggled with my eyes in first week, couldn’t see properly and hurt from the light so I just laid in the dark with the curtains closed. But the headaches were terrible, my balance wasn’t that good but it did get better quickly.

I was told not too do anything at all when I came out of hospital , but didn’t listen and thought I’d be better sooner if I did something. But was a big mistake, really set me back.

So the key is to really take it easy as he will feel better when it’s time.

I Wish him the best

Andrew x

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THank you so much for the reply!!!

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