Nb with ecoli meningitis

My baby girl at 10 days old got ecoli meningitis. We spent 2 months in London sick kids. We go every 2 months back to London for mri . She's 3.5 moths old now . Are later results of her mri Oct 6 said 40% chance in her first year it will come back also stunts but in her brain . We go back in Dec for another mri . Iam asking if anyone has gone threw this ??

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  • Yes my son had ecoli meningitis on two separate occasions . he was only 3 weeks of age when he first got it and again at 10 weeks. He has been left with hemiplegia epilepsy autism and mild learning due to the meningitis causing him to have a huge bleed or blockage in his brain. to meet him you wouldn't know he has these disabilities as he masks them well. Sadly we have had a life time of hospitals and MRI are just now like minor procedures.

  • Thank you for taking ur time to write me. Sorry to hear this about ur son. May I ask if u know how he got ecoli meningitis?

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