Is it me?

Is it me?

Hi. I was searching on line for "after effects" from VM and I came across this page. I am stunned, shocked and a bit nervous from what I've been reading. It's only been a month. I thought the terrible terrible pain was gone, and there were days I felt 1000%, but why then am I still feeling like crap? Why am I mixing up my word? Why is my speech messed up sometimes ??

Why does my head feel mushy??? Something isn't right.

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  • Hello. I remember to, coming across this page in a web search, but was still quite unwell so found it reassuring that I wasn't alone in the way I was feeling etc. You've had a brain injury, and that needs time to heal. You need to slow down, be patient with yourself because if you're feeling mushy your body is giving you a strong message. If you haven't yet found Meningitis Now, do go to their website and read the literature and if you feel you need to talk to them. I'm 16 months in and still have daily headaches but intolerance to light and noise went in a month or too. You are lucky having a neurologist for follow up - many, myself included are left to get on with it, and/or with GP.

  • Hi..thank you for getting back to me. Wow 16 months. I'm just in a month. I have an eye apt tomorrow and I'm scheduled for an MRI next Friday. My GP actually said to me today that my left eye is bulging a little. I'm a little worried about that😩

    I'll keep you posted. Till then take care.


  • Hi KSully, I had difficulty with my speech and word finding too for well over 12 months until my headaches were under control and now my speech is ok. Meningitis causes a brain injury which needs time to recover. The more I tried to do my normal life things , the worse I became so eventually I had to accept that I needed to fully rest , avoid stimulation and let myself recover. A good diet of vegetables, coconut oil , omega 3 and vitamin supplements helped too. Acupuncture and the Daith ear piercings greatly reduced the migraine pain.

    Be patient, it has taken me 2 years to feel well again, so take care and rest .

  • Hi, thank you for getting back to me. I do have apts scheduled. I'm going to an eye doctor tomorrow, and I'm also having an MRI done next Friday. I can't imagine feeling like this all the time.

    I'll keep you posted. Take care.


  • after three year i am better no the way i would like to, but better, i think the key to have a healthy recovery is our intake, i was eating for a year in a row garlic, now sometimes, i was trying to eat more vegetables, cuz dr told me: since ur brain shut down, ur stomach got very bad, almost five years later, i feel good, just be positive. good luck, sorry for my orthography mistakes, english is not my first language, and after two weeks in coma for meningoencephalitis, what i can expect. I am good, evoid medications for anxiety. I was getting worst after taking those medications.

  • Hello! I too was shocked at the effects of this terrible disease. It also made me realize that I had a lot to be thankful for since my issues are not nearly as severe as a lot of folks. Nevertheless, it can be frustrating to deal with. My advice is be as positive as you can & be persistent with treatment! My brain mushiness continues to improve over the last year but hearing loss is very annoying & not improving but that's okay (I think sometimes talk too much anyway!). Rest & good eating is important. Exercise too much too soon, not so good. Hope this helps. Take care of yourself!

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