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Can you get working prosthetics?


I recently contracted bacterial meningitis and septicaemia while on holiday, luckily the care there was great and I pulled through. As a result some of my fingers and toes became necrotic. I have since had my 2 big toes and a couple more removed, as well as all of my fingers about half way down on my right hand (typically I'm right handed) so I was wondering whether there is anything out there that can make your fingers more functional again?

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Mikey, I had the same form of meningitis as you and the same after-effects with my feet. For the first 10 years, my "toes area" was VERY painful. It's now been 40 years and although both my feet still hurt 24/7, thankfully the foot pain has been greatly reduced. No one else on this website has reported foot pain. Is foot pain a troublesome after effect for you?

Mikey_i in reply to ignoreit

Thanks for the reply, while just sat about and sleeping I barely get any foot pain. However when walking I get severe pain when walking on the toe area. It hasn't fully healed yet so I'm hoping in a few months or so the pain will ease and I'll be able to walk again unaided. Are you still on painkillers for your feet?

ignoreit in reply to Mikey_i

When I was released from the hospital, my doctor said to definitely NOT use a walker. "You'll come to rely on it", he insisted. So I shuffled between my sofa & chairs for about 6 months at home. But I was running out of money so I had to go back to my job in sales. I wore unbelievably flamboyant scarves & distract from my slacks and ugly sandals & white socks (no dyes) which frequently showed blood spots. I became really good at hiding my pathetic feet and NEVER mentioned that I was in constant foot pain. Never took anything for pain because none of my pain experimental medications ever helped lesson my pain. "Bite the bullet, have a wonderful work attitude, and fight to attain your company's top results." That strategy worked and within 3 years of upward mobility, I attained the position of National Sales Mgr in the Fortune 100 company. Did the other employees notice my pitiful feet? I don't my total concentration was on RESULTS!

Mikey_i in reply to ignoreit

Oh really!? They gave me an elbow crutch for my left arm as my right hand is pretty much useless at this moment in time. I've been lucky with work as they've said to take as long as I need to recover and I'm hoping to go back around October/November time all being well. Well done on getting the managers job!

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