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Help for Fatigue

Hello all-- I'm 3 weeks post VM and I've recently had some issues with HORRIBLE fatigue. I've never experienced anything like it and nothing I do seems to help. I've gotten so desperate (I work full time while staying at home with my 4yr old/ 9 month old) that I will take Excedrin with a huge cup of coffee just to make sure I don't fall asleep caring for them. Is there anything you all have done that has helped? I don't want to become so dependent on caffeine. I'm getting desperate and unfortunately I don't have family where I live to help out with the kids when I get like this.

Also- on an aside, has anyone lost several pounds following VM? I'm not eating less but I'm losing weight so fast and I'm not sure how.

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Unfortunately severe fatigue is one of the after effects of VM and it's a paradox in the sense that the more you try to ignore it the worse it gets. I'm 14 years post near fatal VM so hopefully reasonably experienced but this also mirrors what a lot of other people have said in this forum too. The only thing I found helped was co-enzyme q10 which is also known as nature's spark plug you could also try lysine but to be honest there's only one solution and that's to rest as much as your life will let you otherwise it will just continue. Your brain has taken a battering and just because you can't see what's going on doesn't mean to say that everything is ok. If you'd broken your leg you would recognise that it would be normal to be tired and in pain so it's not really different with VM.

I don't know about the weight loss but I would guess that your body is burning more calories because your pushing against the fatigue and caffeine will also speed up your metabolism I believe as well. Caffeine in large doses will also cause highs and slumps so it's a vicious circle. Your body burns calories just to stay alive, it's called your basal metabolic rate, so if you're having to work harder to just stand still then it would make sense that you lose weight too.

The thing I would suggest is just try to do the bare minimum and rest whenever you can, tough I know with young children but really the only antidote is to listen to your body.

Hope this helps, Jonathan


I am 2 years post VM and just getting over the severe fatigue. Rest is essential but I also recommend: drink green smoothies made from spinach, kale , avocado, pear and ginger. Eat super foods such as bean sprouts, beans, peas, beetroot, blueberries, rice pudding etc. acupuncture has been great for getting through the fatigue, one or twice a week.

Short walks to keep moving also.

But I had no choice but to rest and sleep a lot, had to stop off work for 18 months.

Sorry this is not cheerier news but the more I fought it the worse it got. Mainly it is time.

Oh and I took good vitamin supplements.

A good diet, lots of rest and time then it will get better.

Hope this helps x

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