Recovery from VM

After a terrible trial of trying to convince my doctor of 12 years & his staff that i wasnt having one of my normal migraines i finally sought out other help. I literally sat in my docs office on my 6th day of that severe head crushing pain sobbing, holding my head in both hands, telling him i couldnt keep going like this and the man just told me i was having the worst migraine of my life and sent me home with a steriod pack. After multiple trips to the clinic, his office, the ER, i finally found a whole new set of caregivers. (I had found a new neuro but it would be a month before i could see him.) I sat in front of this caring man telling him about the pain, neck stiffness, sore back, exhaustion, crushing head pain, nausea and diziness, ear issues, head pressure and he looked right at me and said you are textbook Viral Meningitis. Finally! Finally an answer! He was very thorough in all his testing. Im so furious that as i was crying to my okd doctor i probably should have been in the hospital and the lack of info out there. And now i am trying to recover. Mainly now i wonder about the recovery. Standard documents say this goes away in 7-10 days and im here to call......well you know, uh in other words heck no. Im still exhausted, have a low grade fever and elevated BP. Yesterday i felt as bad as i did a week ago. Now, today i have more energy than i have in days but i have the crushing headache. Yesterday the neck stiffness and pain was bad again. How long does this come and go? And from what ive see thru posts, people that have had previous migraines now experience worse pain?!! Say it aint so! Schedule me for the lobotomy if thats the case! I already take 100mg of trokendi daily (topamax) so with all this plus that, well thank goodness im blonde and can just play it off that im ditzy? 😉 I am so sorry for all of you who have suffered so severely. It is more than likely i picked this up while out running from a mosquito. My luck. But i am just wondering, from maybe those that werent as severe, how long can i expect these good/bad/recovery days to go on? Days, weeks, months, psych ward? 😆 Thank you all for all your stories! Best wishes on your recovery!

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  • See my daughter's story - Rosie S's recovery story on this site!

  • Hello and thank you for sharing your story. It helps to know that we are not alone when we are strange to everyone else. From what I read mostly symptoms ease but don't fully leave. I had VM almost one year ago. It took months to get back to my now normal although I still don't feel entirely me still have issues with headaches but not like the beginning, memory and balance. They call it Aseptic Meningitis which means they never determined a cause. I have a list of 60 test results which were all negative. You mentioned you thought it was a mosquito while out running. Did you get a confirmation and what test confirmed it? I will always wonder what caused me to get THAT sick. I also was a very healthy fit person but have been unable to get back to the level I was prior. I still working on it though.

    Best to you, we are here to listen and share.

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