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I developed viral meningitis and encephalitis in the first week on my fourth and final year at university in October 2014. I was hospitalised for a month and had to take the year off university. I won't lie and say that year was easy. I suffered with terrible anxiety, headaches, nausea and depression. But I worked through all of these problems and with the help of my family, my GP and a couple of private therapists I recovered sufficiently to go back to university. I was terrified at the prospect of going back. I had rapidly gone from being independent to being fully dependant on the care of my family.

This year has been so much more manageable than anyone anticipated. Although I still get headaches the pain is now much more manageable. I have just taken my final exam for my degree. The elation I am feeling that I have completed something that I only hoped could be possible is beyond anything I have experienced before. The achievement is so much sweeter knowing how hard I have worked to get here.

I hope anyone who reads this who is struggling at the moment can use this as a tiny ray of hope that it can be done. I did it and it feels good!

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  • It is so wonderful Jxm to hear that having had to take a year out from university that you have gone back, rebuilt your independence, overcome your anxiety and depression and despite some on going headaches have now completed your degree. Well done, you've done amazingly and hopefully you will get the grade you were set to get before having VM & encephalitis. Onwards and upwards from here!

    Very best wishes

  • Thank you for your kind words! I feel like I have been able to work at the same level as I had been prior to VM, which is great, because I had feared that this would not be the case, but it has been. Now I am applying for PhD positions, onwards and upwards!

  • Massive congrats!!! Loving the positive update 😄

    I hope your upwards journey to recovery continues.

  • Fantastic achievement, well done.

    Viral meningitis can cause disabling and often underestimated after-effects for many people. We also know that in many cases, after-effects do gradually improve with time, however many people do not come back to the forum to let everyone know.

    Reading your positive story will be a great help to many people.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • I completed my Masters degree after several hospitalizations. It was tough and I had to lay out one semester, due to hospitalization. However, as u said with family support I was able to finish, and believe me it was so gratifying to know I accomplished this tast, others may take for granted.

  • congratulations ! its good to see some light at the end of this lonely and miserable of luck to you

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