Hello everyone, my boyfriends step mom is fighting bacterial meningitis. She has been in the hospital for almost two weeks now. She had three seizures and is on life support. They did an mri that shows she has brain damage. I just want to know if anyone's gone through something similar? What is the chances she beats this? She has a 7 year old little boy, two adult girls, and one grandbaby. Prayers are much needed. Thank you in advance for your help and support. - McKenzie 

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  • Hi Kenzie.  So sorry to hear that your boyfriends stepmom has BM. I think it is much too soon for even the medics to be able to say to what extent she will be affected long term by a bi. It is unfortunately a case of you have to take each day at a time and see how she is when the coma begins to lighten and then wait over many months to see the full impact and how much recovery will occur.  I was in a coma for 3 weeks and wasn't expected to survive and if I did to be profoundly mentally and physically handicapped ........but I defied the odds! I am wondering if you know what area of the brain is showing damage on the MRI because different areas of the brain is linked to different abilities. There is not just one type of bi that affects everyone in the same way. I have a frontal brain injury (dysexecutive problems) but other areas of the brain affect movement and speech etc. Are they hopeful that they can bring her out of the coma?

    Very best wishes. It is such a very hard time for you all. 

  • Prayers for you all!

  • Hi kenzie i had bm and i am still recovering i had/have a lot of issues and in icu for about a week and they gave everyone "that talk" as everything was failing etc to prepare for the worst but im here after 3weeks in hospital, pray for the best and be as positive as you can :) 

    Best wishes take care

  • Thank you all very much!! She was in a coma and woke up yesterday. She knows who she is and who her family is (which Drs said she wouldn't). She try's to talk but nothing comes out. She can't walk and cant move her right had, but she has started physical therapy. Although dr are still working on another problem. Her stomach keeps swelling with air. Thank you all

  • Great news Kenzie. She will improve some more it just takes time. It's not like on TV soaps when the actors come out of a coma and are rapidly able to walk, talk, be totally compus mentus etc. The Dr's will always give the worse scenario just incase as even they can't predict what the outcome will be and they won't give false hope. Her road of recovery will only largely just be starting when she is discharged because most will not occur in hospital.  It can take months and sometimes years rather than days and weeks.

    Very best wishes to you, your boyfriend and especially his stepmom.

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