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VM and fibromyalgia

Had VM in Aug 2012. Since then was left with after effects such as fatigue, headaches, joint/muscle aches, memory issues (foginess), trouble concentrating, and not sure if combination of these is causing anxiety and mild depression. I was referred to rheumatologist. She gave me a pamphlet on fibromyalgia and gave me muscle relaxers and tramadol for pain. I have been reading up on fibromyalgia and the symptoms seem to be very similar. My primary Doctor, rheumatologist and neurologist don't seem to believe my symptoms are at all related to VM. I have follow up next week and I'm not sure what to believe. Can the VM cause fibromyalgia? All I know is that I didn't have these issues before VM.

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Hi Missy

The VM wouldn't have caused the fibromyalgia but it could have triggered it. If you hadn't had the VM I think you would still have been susceptible to developing fibromyalgia. I think fibromyalgia can be triggered by physical illnesses such as infections but also stress/emotional troubles.


Thanks for your reply. I guess it's just confusing to have these symptoms that seem to be common in both fibromyalgia and after effects of VM. Most if not all Drs keep telling me there's no after effects after VM. But from my own experience and that of others on this site.that is not true.


I have the muscle aches, I am 5 1/2 months after vm. Not really sure what to do about it. I have some days where it doesn't bother me and then some days Re bad. I also notice being really stressed or tired makes this worse. Is yours triggered by those things also? What caused your vm?


Yes stress does make it worst. They never told me what caused my VM. I had a uti and was given Bactrim by my Gyn. Started taking the antibiotic that night and the next morning I woke up in so much pain from head to toe. I did some research and found that they have been cases where this antibiotic has caused VM. however I was never told what cause it. But just in case I always opt for a different antibiotic.


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