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4th week out of hospital

So lastnight i was sitting completely still watching tv;

As i never can sleep at night until the early hours.

I literally had the feeling of dropping; as though i had fell down a well 🙈

It didn't last long and hopefully wont come back.

I imagine it was vertigo/to do with my ear/balance issues.

I still have to take painkillers constantly as i get a lot of head neck and mastoid and ear pain and i still also cant put my head/neck up or down without throbbing and falling off balance; not sure wether this may be because of my head or ear issue or when i move in these two ways it put pressure/movement at the back of my neck.

Also the blood doesn't flow properly in my legs and arms properly yet; maybe i need to try to move/excercise more.


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You are only 4 weeks since discharge from hospital having had the very serious and life threatening bacterial meningitis. It is to be expected that you are still suffering after effects of headaches, fatigue, balance and movement issues etc. What you had is far more serious than, for example, the flu and it will take months for your gradual recovery not just days and weeks. You need to allow yourself time for getting back your energy and improved health by making sure you allow yourself plenty of rest during the day, yes do some gentle exercising and eat well and take any prescribed medications especially those for your head and neck pains etc.

I would suggest that you ring the Meningitis Now free phone helpline and talk through your concerns with them - 0808 80 10388 9a.m - 10p.m. They are very supportive, understanding and helpful. They also can send you relevant information to help you know what to expect with your recovery. Plus they offer other services such as community support visit, alternative therapies, counselling etc. Have you looked at their website where you can also find lots of helpful information.

Best wishes


I am glad that you can write after 4 weeks of VM, I could write after 18 months, all you have now I had it for almost 24 months, don't exercises, just stretch and massages, try to walk slower, I know the vertigo is going to push you to walk fast, but try slower, and have patience, you are going to recover it could take time sometimes, for me it took three years, still weak, but the way i was, uff I can notice the difference, don't push your self, I am glad you can read and write, i couldn't, so I didn't know anything about what to do, I asked the DRs, they always answered me, I don't know... so I was by myself, until I found this website, try to eat easy and healthy, you have to take care your stomach, fibers, proteins and vitamins, Fish ( salmon) chicken, vegetables and fruit.

remember have patience, don't push yourself and dont rush it.

Best wishes.


Hi thanks menin

Its bm ive had not vm

Still cant walk straight

Its so frustrating

But what to do you just carry on*

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