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Hearing test post bacterial meningitis

My little girl had bacterial meningitis at 10 days old but was aggressively treated and seems to have made a good recovery. She is now 10 months old and we went today for a hearing test ( she has already had one at 2 months old that was fine). I noticed that she didn't react to quiet sounds consistently (she reacted 2 out of about 6 times) and I'm now very worried (we have to go back to finish the tests on her right ear as she got crabby) and unsure whether she has been left with permanent hearing loss.

I know this is all guess work but how likely is it that hearing loss develops after the meningitis is well and truly over? Does anyone have experience of these tests and how they work?

I feel very lucky to still have my baby and we will, of course, manage any results but I am a bit in shock as we hadn't picked up on any hearing problems in her at home and I feel a bit in limbo.

Sorry for the essay :-/

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Ian truly sorry to hear your little girl had meningitis. My daughter had menicoccol meningitis at 7 months old and was left completely deaf I new straight away that something was wrong . I believe there is a big difference from bacteria meningitis to menicoccol meningitis I do hope so.Children are fickle all you have to do is make different noises and see if she reacts without her seeing you .Who has picked up on her hearing.when my daughter had her baby she was tested for her hearing at two months old she had to be asleep for this test then we had to wait for about a week for the results.In my heart I knew she could hear but you always have a little doubt but she was fine. I am sure you would have picked it up if she was deaf she just would not respond to you speaking at all good luck and I truly hope she is fine x. Jean viral meningitis


Hi my daughter had it and we nearly lost her this past christmas and we continue to go to hearing tests we have had 2 since and the first one they told me not sure if is glue ear(common it small children) or hearing loss...went again and one ear was clear but other still not.. so her hearing in right is better than in left... she has to go back again if its cleared up then she is ok if not we are going to be refered ... she also doesnt hear the quiet sounds at all. I like you feel so lucky and blessed she is still with us and we will deal with anything as well but its hard as the recovery is still going on now 7 months later... be strong and just keep going ... be positive ... lol to your little one...


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