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Cryptococcal Meningitis

My husband is 8 weeks into his treatment of CM (and still in hospital), and although is responding well, and the doctors seem confident that they have killed off the infection, he has today found out that along with his partial loss of eyesight (almost completely blind in right eye), he will also need to wear hearing aids in both ears. What I don't understand is that there seems very little information on this type of meningitis, I see most people have Bacterial Meningitis or Viral Meningitis, is he likely to relapse if this is such a rare infection??

Also, I am currently trying to put some financial assistance in place due to reduced income with him being on SSP, and also trying to make a claim for Critical Illness cover on our Mortgage Policy, but am hitting brick walls on every turn. Scottish Provident with whom we have the policy is adamant that they will only cover Bacterial meningitis and complete blindness and deafness. not partial. I am wondering if there is a way around this as I have been told the CM is a rare form of the illness...kind of no point having the policy if it is so limited. I would really like to know if anyone else has any advice for me?

Thanks :)

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I can't really answer any of your questions as I have not had the Cryptococcal Meningitis that your husband has had. I had to look it up and now know it is caused by a fungal infection. However, whatever type of meningitis suffered there are similarities with long term damage with the severity of all of them. I read that this type is usually contracted when the persons immune system is compromised in some way. I don't know if because the immune system continues to be compromised that that increases the risk of reoccurrence or not as in most cases of meningitis you retain an immunity to the strain you have had. A minority of people do get Meningitis again but that is very rare.

I would suggest that you ring the Meningitis Now helpline as they will be able to explain things to you and answer any questions and concerns you have. That are great as a listening ear and you just need emotional support or to off load. Maybe they will know if there is a way to get your critical illness policy to consider that they should also cover the Cryptococcal meningitis in the same way as for Bacterial?? Although it sounds to me that whatever the cause they only cover profound deafness and complete loss of site and in which case the type of meningitis is irrelevant? Lots of people unfortunately suffer some hearing and sight loss in their life and I can only assume that the policy doesn't cover partial loss because otherwise they would be inundated with claims.

It is very early days with your husbands recovery and it is good to hear that he is responding well. But with meningitis there is often a lot more time needed for recovery even after he has been discharged.

Best wishes to you both.


Hello all, I am just wondering if anyone can help please? My husband is still in hospital, fortunately the meningitis is under control, and he is doing well in himself - he is struggling with pressure build up and has been having LPs every 2nd or 3rd day. The doctors have found scar tissue and damage to his ventricles which is what's causing the build up and they have decided he needs a shunt....any comments/things we need to be aware or cautious of? We have been told that as soon as he's recovered from the procedure they can start sorting out his discharge to a rehab centre closer to home :D


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