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A hello from Jemma :)

Hi guys,

My name is Jemma, I am 20 years old and In October 2013, when i was 19 and in my second year of university I contracted bacterial meningitis strain y and encephalitis which impacted on mine and my families life greatly. I'm still undergoing physical rehabilitation due to losing sensation in all my body when I came out of a coma. I was in a coma for 3 weeks but after i came out of it i had to learn how to breathe, talk and move on my own. Now i have full sensation back but i have a lot of muscle weakness therefore am undergoing physio to learn how to walk again. My sister is getting married in May and I am a bridesmaid so the goal is to be able to walk by then! I still have up and downs days but i strive to get my life back to the way it was as i still have the goal of becoming a lawyer.

I am interested in hearing from anyone else that has had a similar experience or has had a loved on go through this. In contrast I would love to help people in a similar situation or a family member that's supporting someone that has been effected. Whether it is to listen to someone or help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. As i myself have needed that encouragement sometimes.

Jemma :) x

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Welcome to this forum which hopefully you will find supportive and helpful.

This is a quick message as I have to take my son to his swimming lesson. But I remember that recently there was another post on here from someone else who had suffered the y strain of meningitis. I understand that it is a more rare strain. If you scroll down the posts to lwhite6 Meningococcal y strain you may find her post interesting. I know she was looking to find someone else who had contracted the same strain.

Regardless of the strain the impact of meningitis and it's after effects will be experienced by others on here. Like you my coma was 3 weeks.

I will post more later as in a bit of a dash!

Best wishes


Ok thank you I will have a look and try and find that post :)


Hi Jemma.

What an awesome story of not giving up. You have gone through ALOT...moreso than any average person.

Short story on how i was introduced to the group is:

My father was hit with BM at 84 years old. He was in a coma for 3 days. He was a fighter and pulled through the coma. I was in a very frightened state as BM at that age and my lack of knowledge of the disease really had me on edge. This group of people and their input really helped me learn alot of BM. The help was so great that i promised myself to try to give back and stay connected with this community.

I am not sure where you stand now, but your recovery sounds great. You are a fighter so it seems. I am too. I am sueing the outpatient treatment facility for lack of Physical Therapy for me father. Lack of quality care and PT did him in. He passed 2 months after coming out of his coma. Not due to lack of effort from his part, but lack of PT not being there to help him exercise. He had full coverage insurance at the time that had been paid for many years in advance. Stay strong. You have the willpower to get you through this. Keep on pressing and you will meet your goals! Your attitude is inspiration in itself.



I'm sorry to hear about your father but it's good your suing because that's not right that he didn't get the support that he needed which cut his life short. I hope you are getting enough support with it though because suing can be a very stressful process and it's not the easiest. I'm really glad that this community provided you with the support you needed at the time and it's lovely that you wanted to stay connected, you sound like a lovely person and a fighter.

I hope your case goes well and you get the results that you want


Hi Jemma, Very sorry to hear of your illness, however it sounds to me that you are on the right track to recovery. It is early on. You are young and strong and determined. That is key. I had Bacterial Streptococcal Menningitis in 2011. At the time my brain hemorrhaged through the sinus. I was in a coma for 4 days before being air lifted to a bigger teaching hospital in Hamilton, Ont. Canada. I was 56 at the time. I am left with total hearing loss in the right ear and balance issues. I was raising 3 special needs grandchildren at the time. My husband is brain injured since 1989 so I was caregiver for him too. Needless to say things had to change. Two of the boys became crown wards. We had cared for them for 6 years. Broke my heart. We get support from brain injury Niagara and we didn't have that support before. Respite for us was unavailable. We struggle but we lift each other up too. We too have the determination to live now! Have fun at your sister's wedding. Kind Regards, Jeffery


Hello Jemma. Your situation mirrors the one I had. I too was in my second year of university and I too was 19 years old when I had contracted Bacterial and Viral Meningitis (Along with Transverse Myelitis). This was in December 2012. And again I too was in a coma (for 38 days) and like all families, they had to endure this hard time of uncertainty. It's excellent that you are recovering so well as a lot of patients don't make any recovery at all. I remember I was in a neuro-rehab hospital when it was my sister's wedding. I somehow managed to make it to the wedding (although I was still in a wheelchair and wearing an eye-patch but how could one miss their sister's wedding?) But I truly hope you recover in time for the wedding as taking pictures in my condition didn't feel nice :P. My advice would be to stay happy regardless of your body's limitations (I know its's easier said than done), but I swear you feel a liberation like no other. The physiotherapy should help you in all of your endeavours and if you need extra physiotherapy or any other form of help, the Meningitis Now (formerly Meningitis Trust) team will give you tons of support. Going to the gym (when you gain the confidence) would be an ideal next step and should really help with everything else. Like yourself, I hope to return to university but I may change courses as I have had memory loss so starting fresh on a new course that I like sounds right. For some like myself, their may not be a light at the end of the tunnel but that's when you realise there is no tunnel and all there is is light. I hope all your wishes get answered. Peace :D


hello Jemma, how are you feeling? How was your sister wedding? tell us about your recovery. I hope you are very well.


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