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skull base repair

my husband has had pneumoccal meningitis twice. 1st time just over 3 years ago and second time last January. over the last 8 months he has had many (and I do mean many!) scans et al and suddenly he is referred to "the regional base of skull clinic". He has now been informed he needs neurotosurgery urgently to repair a hole/holes in the base of skull/roof of inner ear - or he will have another bout of meningitis SOON. He has reluctantly agreed and surgery is scheduled for Jan 22nd.

Please, is there anyone out there who has experience of this and perhaps reduce our apprehension.

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I have had bm twice also but different strains. I also had lots of scans but nothing showed up. It is very common for recurrent meningitis if you have holes in your scull & thats why they check for it. I understand your husbands apprehension but it is obviously needed & could save his life! Good luck x


I under went this procedure in August of 2013. I was so sick all the time before surgery. the surgery gave me my life back. I had an amazing team of doctors. It is a rough 4 -6 weeks of recovery but i have no regrets!


Hello, yes, they considered me for this - I've had BM 2.5 yrs ago (same strain!), but also am a severe migraine sufferer and my nose can often this was considered for me as it can mean that its an easier route for bacteria to get in, which causes the BM. I was fortunate enough for this not to be required, though in a way, I was very 'up for it'. I suggest that if he is being told to have it, it will sooo be the best thing for him. So please be reassured and to no more BM for your hubbie! :)


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