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Meningitis Now
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I live in the US, back in February of 2013 my son then 17 fell ill. He went to sleep on a Wednesday afternoon, by Friday we were at the hosp

Hospital. They checked for strep, came back positive, started I'VE antibiotics, later did a spinal tap and sent home. Come Sunday he was worse off. We went back to hospital and they treated for a migraine. Tuesday we went to a different hospital and come to find out he had a blood trail in spine...long story short had Cauda Equina syndrome. At the same time they say there are lessons in his brain...they say MS. I believe different. I would like to know if anyone else has l essions from meningitis. We will never know now if he truly had it because of the antibiotic. Its been a looping year. Still looking for someone who can put ALL the pieces together. He still caths....back pain.....bad headaches at times...

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Meningitis doesn't cause lesion in the brain. Lesions are usually in the white matter of the tissue of the brain. With meningitis the meninges get inflamed from an infection. The meninges are the thin membrane that surrounds the brain. They are the pus matter, dura matter and subarachnoid space. I suppose lesions could happen there but very rare.

I had bacterial meningitis. We will never know what kind for me either because I was diagnosed as viral syndrome on a Wednesday. The following Monday I had ct scan and came back positive for UTI and sinus infection. The doctor almost did a lumbar puncture but decided that those two were causing my discomfort. On Wednesday I went back after being on a super antibiotic since Monday. They did the lumbar puncture, which I didn't feel. And I had bacterial meningitis. That was back in September 2011. I've since spent time investigating and applying my A&P college courses to the interesting experiment called my life.

I do hope you find answers. This is a hard path to be on, but by focusing on the positives and the motivating factors in your and your son's lives then it isn't so depressing. If you want to read more of my perspective feel free to check out my blog at cathseeker.blogspot.com I wrote about my journey with the after effects of meningitis. Mine are mostly migraines and pain. Going through a bit of a rough patch right now but I try to be positive.


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