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Hi, I have nt been in in a while ... Their have been some rough times and some good times! I am expecting a baby.. ,! Very worried about my after effects and are being closely monitored, however I had to see an opticians for 6month check-due to vm... And great news my eyes have improved,she said I looked healthier and happier! I still have terrible terrible magnified hearing .. And have an aid to wear to help,and a sleep box. I still tire easily, sunlight still gets me ! Mood swings,,, head/neck pain.. Spinal pain and joint pain .. But by resting a lot- I have finally learnt the art of knowing when to stop! X I am plodding along a little nervous about our new arrival though xx

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  • Congratulations on your baby news!! :) And good news about your eyesight as well. It's reassuring knowing you're going to be closely monitored,it will help you relax and take it easy and hopefully pregnancy could even give your body a boost in a way and improve of some of the other ongoing symptoms you suffer?

  • I also suffer with sunlight issues, 4 years on, no idea how to improve it. Good luck with the pregnancy!

  • I too have a problem with sunlight and also with car headlights at night, to a point where I've sometimes thought about avoiding driving in the dark altogether. My hearing (much reduced in one ear) and loud tinnitus are still the same some 27 months on.

  • Best Wishes for your upcoming angel. Bad days will pass soon....have happy, keep smiling for the newbie...

  • Congratulations! I know from my own experience of having a young child to love and nurture that they become your focus and help you to just do your best to get on with every day life regardless of the struggles post meningitis. Not easy but gives so much purpose, determination and lots of pleasure.

  • Thankyou everyone xxx

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