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Has anyone gotten really tired again a year or so after viral meningitis?

Hi i had 6 months off work and did a lot of cardio 6 days a week to build stamina. I was doing really well, feeling good but was sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night. Now back at work 4 full days a week so Far for 5 weeks. But became unrelentingly tired with aches all over for last 5 days. Yuck. Heart palpitations at night abit. So maybe gone backward on the way forward. Feel exhausted. Anyone else increased their activity and then felt smashed?

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Good morning

I experienced much the same for around 3 yrs, I just couldn't get fit & to be honest I don't think I ever will be 100%. Vm takes it toll that's for sure, my advice just take it slow, your stamina will come back but only when it's ready. Your brain has been very poorly, I found if I pushed it my body just shut down as I just want ready....

Frustrating but true.

Be kind to yourself & take it slow

Best wishes



Hi thanks a lot. Yes I have had many good and bad months. Overall trend is upwards. It's just a bit shocking after being able to do 6 days a week gym work then going to work and finding the change of stress affecting me so much more. Unfortunately I work with bullies who are toxic so the mental strain flows onto your body. Anyway I m feeling much stronger again after a week off from work by going to university.



I experienced the same in the 2nd year, I have good and bad mths. Just do not push your body, try and go for a walk if you can't make the gym. VM takes years to settle down, just look after yourself. xx

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Thank you so much


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