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Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2014

To everyone at Meningitis Now, I thank you for giving us a safe and helpful way of sharing our varied Meningitis experiences .I am nearly 6 years post Meningitis, so hope I can use this forum as a way of supporting and encouraging others, who may be less far along that journey .It is my way of giving back to the charity who have been my lifeline, since Meningitis turned my life upside down.Through posting on the forum and my volunteering with the 1-2-1 service I have come into contact with many brave and inspirational people .Hearing and sharing experiences make you feel very blessed, as so many are even more badly affected, that is stops you personally feeling so sorry for yourself and passionate about helping others.I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful charity.

and lucky that you are there all the time-amazing that the helpline is available over the festive season.

So, to all at Meningitis Now and to all my wonderful contacts on this forum I wish you a joyous Christmas and the very best for the coming year.

Kind wishes,


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Thank you Daffodil. And ditto Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2014.


Thank you Daffodil.


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