Acute Bacterial Meningitis - post Pontine Cavernoma back out surgery

It’s been almost a week. Initially my father (age-56) was admitted due to some abnormality in cavernoma. Went through a surgery as suggested by the Doc. Due to the criticality of the position of this Pontine Cavernoma, they opted for a back out.

Post surgery the patient was in somewhat stable state. But then it started to deteriorate. An infection being found after the surgery and as per the CSF test it’s an Acute Bacterial Meningitis, because of what he is in a state of seizure now. Body temperature is somewhere around 99-102 with an infection in lungs as well. Medication details – Meronem (1gm injection) , Vancocin along with other medicines.

Well BP, Oxygen reading, pulse, Urine – everything seems to be normal.

What the doc says is that there is no other way other than keeping patience and wait for the time being until he starts recovering.

Don’t know whether we are in the right direction or not.

******Please do suggest something/share your thoughts on this**********

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  • Can't reply to your choppy medical terms.Why dont you explain what Post Pontine Cavernoma Backout Surgery is.

  • Cavernoma(type of blood tumar) in Pons in Brain......Surgery was unsuccessful as there should some risk..Doctor opened the scalp then backed any doubt bekele ??

  • I can tell you that when my dad conducted BM, patience was of the most important trait. It is a disease that varies in effects on different people, and may take some time to recover. God Bless, but yes, patience is a major need/trait needed.

  • Thanks PMaz ......his sense came back...but still fever is it possible of complete recovery ?

  • It is probably too early to tell. Is he coherent? Can he perform all of his previous functions? Time will tell. Wishing you and yours the best. Please keep us posted.

  • He is treated by colistin antiviotic now......

  • He may still have the BM disease. Doctors will tell you when the bacteria has been killed and is gone from his body.

  • It's almost 1 mnth .....he was good then we shifted him to other hospital for rehabilitation.....but many cross infection (pseudomonas aerugonsa) came.....again he became drowzy.....they removed the tracheostomy tube...bur he is not able to speak n eat....thats why doctors are planning to start PEG feeding.....he is opening eyes but not respondibg to us......pls help what to do

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