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When I write I use to much force and shake a lot so my handwriting is sloppy, is there anyway I can better my handwriting?

Hi I'm 22 yrs of age have a daughter also. When I was younger I've been diagnosed with meningitis and I have overcomed it but I still have the after affects that I shake, talk slow, I lose my balance quickly and there are certain things I think I might not be able to do. I am a single mother living with my parents and really unsure of myself and life itself.......

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to improve your writing try doing some patterns and doodles to relax your hands a bit. see if there are some classes for relaxation or anger management you could go to and make time for some enjoyment, sorba


Hello I am 6 months in to my VM experience and am trying to come to grips that I might have to live with these symptoms. I do know that exercise has helped me with my severe joint pain and I use those hand exercisers which might help you as well. Stay strong and take care!



I am 6 months post listeria meningitis. At the beginning I couldn't write at all but gradually my writing has improved & has gone from being tiny tiny small to almost as it was before my illness. I think knitting & using the keyboard on my iPad & phone have helped to strengthen my wrist & hand.

I don't how long ago you had your illness but hopefully with youth on your side you will continue to improve. Take care & don't be too hard on yourself


Hi! I, too, had Bacterial Meningitis as a child and I'm now 66 yrs old. I'm still bothered with poor balance, slurred speech, headaches and tinnitus. I had a time when I couldn't write so I had to learn how to write with my left hand. It wasn't very good but that's all that I could do until I regained the use of my right hand. You never give up and keep trying.


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